The Best Way to Pull Pork (Or any Pulled Meats)

"There are many ways to pull pork but one of the quickest and easiest ways to shred lots of pork in a little time has got to be with a Pork Puller Drill Attachment, it is the best way we found for using in our two BBQ restaurants"

From our experience of owning two BBQ Restaurants we sought after the best solution for pulling pork & chicken fast to keep up the pace of  the busy lunch and dinner time rushes and Pulled Pork sandwiches are a staple in any barbecue joint! After trying many different technics and gadgets and many google searches we finally found the Pork Puller Drill Attachment.

Now before you run off to get one for yourself...there is something to make sure that your pulled pork puller purchase (try saying that 5 times fast) has and that is a hexagon designed shaft so that it grips inside the drill chuck and doesn't spin freely. Our first pork puller lacked this feature and it will make your life so much easier if it has this feature!

  1. Our Pit Master's Recommendations

  2. How many pounds of Pulled Pork should I use per person?

    Answer: a good number to go by is 1/4 to 1/3 pound of meat per person

    What Seasoning do you recommend for Pulled pork?

    Answer: We offer 4 different seasonings and all work well on pulled pork but our All Purpose Rub is outstanding on pork and also helps to tenderize!

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    What BBQ Sauce do you suggest on Pork?

    Answer: We produce 3 kinds of BBQ sauces Original (Sweet Mild), With Integrity (Little Kick), Fire & Brimstone (Big Kick) We also manufacture 2 mustard sauces MVP Mustard (Sweet & Tangy) and MVP Horseradish Style (Tangy with a Horseradish flavor) All can work on pulled meats but for families a safe bet is to use the Original BBQ Sauce.

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    1. How Much of the seasoning and BBQ Sauce should I use for Pulled Pork?

    2. Answer: To season and sauce 5lbs of meat I suggest using 1/4 Cup of our All Purpose Rub and 1 to 2 Cups of BBQ sauce depending on how saucy you prefer it to be.

Here are a couple of other ways of Pulling Pork

  1. 1) With two forks pulling in opposite directions. A little slow and gets to your hands after awhile but if you don't have a ton of pork to pull then it's great method!

    2) Bear claws are a couple steps above two forks and are a little easier on your hands. Much the same technic goes in to using this method. Also be sure to get stainless steel bear claws because over time the plastic bear claws wear out much faster.

  1. Pork Pulling Conclusion

  • If you have lots of BBQ meats to pull we highly suggest using the pork puller attachment not only does it save your hands but it saves you a great deal of time and it doesn't come with a huge price tag!

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