How to Make a Rib Sandwich Bones Removed

"Here is how to make a rib sandwich bones removed coming from our experience of owning 2 barbecue restaurants. First, remove the membrane from the backside of the baby back ribs, then season both sides and smoke until 190 to 200 F internal temp. The bones will easily pull out from the ribs, then glaze with BBQ sauce and cut into sandwich-size pieces."

You will Need
Baby Back Ribs
Roll of Foil
Basting Brush
Towel for pulling hot bones
BBQ Sauce (See Our Sauces)
BBQ Rub (See Our Rubs)

 Remove Membrane from backside of ribs
 Season both sides of the ribs rubbing it in thoroughly
 Put the uncovered ribs in your smoker at 225 F
 Cook until 140 F internal temp
 Cover with foil and put back in smoker at 225 F
 Cook until 190 to 200 F internal temp and remove from smoker
 Using your towel pull all of the bones from ribs
 8 Using your basting brush glaze both sides or ribs with BBQ Sauce
 9 Using your knife cut the ribs into sandwich size portions

We recommend using brioche buns and buttering the inside and toasting, then add the toppings of your choice!

Wood Chart for Smoking

Story on the Real Rib Sandwich

I opened 2 different barbecue restaurants and when we started making the "Real Rib Sandwich" it quickly became a fan favorite. I curated this amazing recipe and am glad to now share this smoked rib sandwich bones removed with you! Enjoy

Pit master's recommended BBQ Sauce and Seasoning

We offer 4 different seasonings and all work well on baby back ribs but our All Purpose Rub is outstanding on ribs and also helps to tenderize!

We produce 3 kinds of BBQ sauces Original (Sweet Mild), With Integrity (Little Kick), Fire & Brimstone (Big Kick) We also manufacture 2 mustard sauces MVP Mustard (Sweet & Tangy) and MVP Horseradish Style (Tangy with a Horseradish flavor) All can work on baby back ribs but for families a safe bet is to use the Original BBQ Sauce.

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