The Best Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

"Here is the best smoked BBQ pulled pork recipe coming from our experience of owning two BBQ restaurants. First, start with prepping the pork butt and follow up with smoking it just right and you can't forget to season and/or sauce it up to make it finger-licking good!"

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours
Resting Time: 20 minutes
Total Time8 hours 45 minutes
Preheat Smoker: 225 F
*Directions are for 5lbs of pork
. Start with a pork butt and remove excess fat
. Then, season with 
All Purpose Seasoning rub generously all over pork putt
. Put the pork butt in your 225 F preheated smoker and maintain 225 F throughout cooking time
. Cook until the pork butt reaches an internal temperature of 190 to 
200 F.
. Let Rest for 20min
. Pull apart the pork

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. Add 1/4 Cup All Purpose Seasoning
. Add 1 Cup Original BBQ Sauce and mix thoroughly.

Tips on Smoking a Pork Butt

  1.     | Our Pit Mater Recommendations

    1 You can wrap the pork butt to keep juices from running out or you can cook uncovered which will make the outside layer crust over. Both work well, just depends on your preference.

  2. 2 Using a meat thermometer with a probe really helps to reduce the time you open up your smoker and alarms at the temp set point you choose.

  3. 3 Optionally you can use a mopping sauce once or twice though the cooking time. Keep in mind the more you open up the smoker the longer it's going to take to get the pork butt to the desired temperature.
4 I recommend using a boneless pork butt to make life a little easier

BBQ Sauce and Seasoning Our Pit Master Recommends

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